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The Bright Tank blog provides training and coaching tips along with real world examples of what’s happening within Craft Beverage, all delivered through email and Twitter @1031Marketing.

I believe the key to making a great brand starts with the people that help create, brew, market, deliver and sell it. Craft category leaders include those who make a commitment to cultivating their most valuable assets, their people.

So, I crafted a fresh approach to employee development. I provide beverage consulting, live networking events, training and field coaching services for the Craft Beverage Industry. Check us out at

My experience helping beverage companies grow sales and distribution has proven that there is one ingredient in common with those who succeed. Besides great liquid and a great brand, beating the competition cannot be attained without consistently dedicating resources and developing skills sets so people can learn and grow.

Grab a craft beverage and prepare to explore insights, tips and real world examples of selling #Craft

Dave Olsen

A 1031 Company

A 1031 Company