Dave Olsen

I started Bright Tank Training to provide an education, training and hands-on coaching platform for beverage professionals and those exploring the industry. I saw first hand how great training resources can help a career and now I want to do the same for others.

Over the past 35 years in the beverage industry I have had success as a route salesman, a manager of sales reps, a training manager, a sales manager with multiple state and multiple distributor responsibilities, a national account manager calling on chains of all sizes in multiple states, a consultant to large distributor networks in major markets, a brand development consultant working with brewers of all sizes and the owner of a marketing and training corporation. I have worked with and been trained, managed and coached by some of the best professionals in beverage sales and distribution. I believe those people are the reason why I have had success and longevity in this incredible industry.

Great people make great brands but they cannot be successful without the knowledge and skills needed to win. We need to invest in our community of beverage ambassadors. I can help by coaching your team on the fundamentals of sales, promotion, distribution and key account management.

I once heard a beverage executive respond to a question on why his company was investing so much in training while some of those being trained were leaving and taking their experience and knowledge to other companies. His response was simple and helps put in perspective why you need to continually cultivate your most valuable ingredients....your people. “What if I don’t train them and they stay?”  

Whether you are a supplier selling your craft through a distributor network or you are self-distributing, investing in training and developing the right systems to build your brand and your people will make a difference. The market is flooded with competitive brands and a wide array of retail models for the consumer to choose where to buy. How are you going to stand out?

Professional Experience

  • Associate Professor College of DuPage Business of Craft Beer Program

  • Director of Brand Development Chicagoland Cluster 2014-present

  • Boston Beer Company 1993-2014

    • Wisconsin State Manager

    • National Account Manager Off Premise

    • Managed all Chicago Off Premise Chains

    • Managed Regional & National Chains

    • Super Valu Team Lead and Category Validator

    • Walgreens Team Lead and Category Validator

    • Target Team Lead

  • Hinckley & Schmitt Water

    • Corporate Staff Development Manager